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>>jon san
yes, i found it!
japanese people doesn't wear the t-shirt with japanese message.
i don't know why, and i don't like to wear it.


the antidote now available in japanese at www.boredofthebeckhams.com


oh, it's so difficult to boycott TV CM.
TV is a must item in japanese daily life...


Beckham is a sad loser, he's scared in case we'll forget about him and that's the sad reason why he's always in the papers... he makes money for them and they make money for him! Just boycott all the papers that he appears in, then and maybe then, the media just might lose intererst in him when they start to lose sales!

Do all you can and boycott the Beckhams and let's get rid of them once and for all.

He wasn't even such a high class footballer, just a squeeky high voiced PONSE!!!


now in japan, there is so many CMs with them.
yes, japanese people also very very bored of them!!

Why cant the media give it a fuc*ing rest

Why cant the Beckhams get lost, stop putting her and his ugly face in the papers let them be and do some proper fuc*ing news ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


carol sann
i don't want to know about them, but i know very much.
they are too much exposed.

GeorgeB sann
i'm bored of the Beckhams.
do you know the meaning of Golden Balls in japanese?
try to ask your japanese friend.


does any 1 really care about these people? The media need 2 give it a rest and stop portraying these people as if they r special, cause they're NOT


in japan also full of beckhams.
every time he comes to japan, he makes very, very big money!


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